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Glasgow In Photos is a photo journal I made about Glasgow a fast-paced vibrant city in the West coast of Scotland. My original intention was to document Glasgow and what was behind “People Make Glasgow” the current brand name for Scotland’s largest city. It is well known that Glasgow is unique in many ways, it was once known as the second city of the empire, famous for shipbuilding and of course Celtic and Rangers and the football rivalry that is renowned internationally. Glasgow is one of the culture capitals of Europe.

Originally the journal was intended to focus mainly about the buzz and the energy of city centre life. However, COVID-19 came along, and my photo journal took on a different more serious tone as a record of the Coronavirus and its effect on the city.

Before the impact of the pandemic my thoughts were about what Glasgow is famous for, for example, football and Scottish politics and the current political climate. I considered them in terms of tribalism, culture and identity, and the links between football and to a degree religion. I marked a few significant dates in the diary that might yield some good photographic opportunities and material for my project. The upcoming Scottish Independence rallies, key fixtures in the Scottish Professional Football League  season and Christmas being some examples that would provide me with good photographic opportunities to fulfil the context of my photo journal. Christmas is always a great time to be in Glasgow city centre and again would provide me with some good opportunities. Unknown to anyone – at the time we were heading into a pandemic, which would change not only the direction and context of my photo journal but life in the city was also about to be shook up dramatically both economically and socially. The photo journal became very much about the pandemic and its devastating effect on Glasgow from the lock-down which was announced 23/3/2020 and would last for 66 days before being relaxed slightly 29/5/2020.

The imposed lock-down put an end to large gatherings of people including sporting events which put a premature end to the football season, social activities and meant that there was no face to face teaching in schools, nurseries, and colleges, it was a crucial time for many involved in education with pupils and students facing major disruption to their exams.

I decided I would present my work in the form of a magazine which I have included in Link 1, (please note, the magazine is for presentation purpose only) – there is no next month edition. For legal reasons I have taken brand names out of the advertising or replaced with fictional brand names. Except for Hepcat Tattoos which is a real tattoo parlour on Glasgow’s high Street.

Link Two will take you to a digital photo album where the images can be viewed in a higher resolution and as a slide show without the accompanying text in the magazine.

I hope my photo journal provides some insight into the effect Coronavirus has had on the things we all very much take for granted.

Spare a thought for Bernie and the ever-increasing homeless crisis effecting every major city in the world no matter what else is happening.

Keep safe and hopefully we can all get back to some normality soon.

As a Glaswegian now living away from the city for almost 20 years, I was heartbroken to see the amount of homeless people on nearly every corner of the city centre. It really brought home to me the extent of the homeless crisis.


Link One: Magazine


Link Two: Gallery / Slideshow





3 thoughts on “SOCIAL DISTANCE”

  1. Stunning imagery, each have their own story from a couple buying “soap bombs”, to Christmas shoppers, parades & marches to the desolate streets of the city centre. All these are brought together to tell an incredible photojournalism of an incredible city.
    These coupled with an honest, thoughtful insight of your city made for a truly moving read, for which I thank you.

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